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Challenging Canyon Nevidio

The trip includes:

  • Transfer from Zabljak to the starting point and back
  • Professional guide services
  • Professional canyoning equipment
  • Great lunch
  • Insurance
  • CD containing your videos and photos from this incredible adventure.

The perfect time for this adventure usually goes from the end of June till late September, depending on the weather.  Our experienced guides always conduct preliminary expedition before starting Canyoning season. They will check your physical readiness and conduct safety briefing, and ensure your safety throughout the trip.

09:30 am Let’s start your rafting trip with pick up directly from your hotel in Zabljak and safe driving through attractive landscape right to the Village Poscenje, one of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro. This Village has two wonderful glacier lakes and amazing periodical waterfall Skakvica which pours the water of the Grabovica from a 70 meter high cliff. Your guides will fit your canyoning equipment (wet suit and socks, a lifejacket and helmet) to ensure safety, and give you detailed safety instructions.

First encounter with Nevidio will take your breath away with its indescribable beauty, fabulous and extraordinary. It starts at the very end of the valley justifying its name, as the river Komarnica suddenly disappears in the strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.  The biggest part of the canyon is in eternal shadow. Sunlight cannot reach the bottom because of the steep cliffs. On these sheer and hardly reachable rocks the conditions for vegetation are harsh, so one can say that the canyon is a pearl of the cruel nature, or heaven and hell at the same time.

Your conquering of the Nevidio Canyon will approximately last three hours, but you will be remembering it all your life.

15:00 Your fantastic adventure ends with delicious lunch in the Ethno restaurant Jatak in Poscenje and after that we will take you back to your place in Zabljak. (There are numerous hotels, camps, apartments… for rent in Zabljak)

Price per person is 130€

Highest safety standards

Participants for the Canyoning Nevidio must be:

over 18 years old (if not accompanied by parents), swimmers, not suffering from any kind of heart or lung diseases.
We provide: clothing, helmet, and life jacket.

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